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Is it just an endless chain of pain? Or is there a reason to it all?

Nanna receiving honours from The Greater World Spiritualist Society


David's grandmother, Freda Lonnen-Norton, is one of Britain's best-loved and longest serving registered Spiritualist Mediums. She is a very humble person and sincerely believes: 'It is in giving that you get the most blessings.'

May religions present a hard, complicated dogma that sometimes clashes with commom sense. Spiritualism offers answers, truths, without demanding something in return. Without insulting your intelligence. But like any faith, you have to find it for yourself.

If you are interested, my grandmother Freda has finished two wonderful books. Firstly, 'Little Angels', describing her experiences with the Spirits that are always with us; to help and guide us. She is happy to give her books to all who are keen to read them. And she believes in giving. So if you fancy a copy, drop me a line and I'll put a pdf in an email to you.

In her second book, 'The Lesser Kingdom', intended as a gift for her friends, Freda writes about the animals she has loved over the years. It won't cost anything if you'd like to read it. Drop me a line.


David is a writer too. On the Writer page you can find infos about my books.

Ashabatu      -  So be it...

           -   The Red Hawk Tapes

Over the years my grandmother has entrusted me with some of her treasures for safekeeping. As of this year, 2007, she is ninety-two and still giving Claivoyance - mostly in her favourite Church, Falmouth Central Spiritualist Church. And with help from Jack (God Bless him).

These treasures consisted mostly of tape cassettes recorded at Nanna and Jum's (my grandfather) Rescue and Healing Sessions during the mid-seventies. On the various noisy tapes (tape noise, traffic sounds)  many diverse voices are heard using her vocal chords, her voice. People from all walks of life. Some are in distress; have juts passed to Spirit (died) and need guidance. Some are there to help the others. Some of those who 'come through' are family members. A family that stretches back over thousands of years.

One man speaks more than ohters. He is, Red Hawk, Freda's very special Spirit guide. A man who lived 2000 years BC on the final remains of the island we call Atlantis.

I included some of the tapes in my novel, 'And Finally' (details on the Writer page).

I have now transcribed ALL these tapes and can hopefully soon offer them as a complete book.

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